In addition to providing you with reading and viewing resources, the library provides vehicles by which you may engage with others.

Display Your Artwork

A wall in the Reference Room has been designated as a space where artwork can be hung for display. Artists are encouraged to display their work and to provide a brief statement about the work being displayed and/or a biographical statement.

Contact our Public Relations Librarian for further information.

Commune with Your Neighbors

The library offers many opportunities to commune with other members of the community.

You may enjoy participating in a book discussion group, the monthly current events forum, or possibly the Friends of the Library.

Details about how you might participate in these and other activities can be found on our online calendar and in our newsletter.

Attend Library Programs

The library offers a wide variety of programs that you may participate in.

Programs that are offered include:

Concerts, Cooking Demonstrations, Exercise Classes, Bus Trips,
and Driving Classes (that can lower your car insurance premium).

To view the full list of upcoming library programs, click here:

Library Programs


Reserve a Meeting Room

Meeting rooms may be reserved for times when the rooms are not already booked for library programs.

Meeting rooms may be reserved for use by groups for educational, cultural, philanthropic, and civic purposes, and for nonpartisan political discussion programs. Meeting rooms shall not be available for commercial purposes.

An application form to request a meeting room reservation can be accessed here:

Meeting Room Application

Contact our Public Relations Staff for further information at kellyr@nmerricklibrary.org

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