It is the goal of the North Merrick Library to provide the patrons with equal opportunities when using library facilities and resources, and in way that is beneficial to the patrons. In order to achieve this goal, the following rules and procedures for computer and Internet use shall be followed:

Adult patrons with Nassau County library cards are allowed to use a computer two hours a day in one or two sessions. If a patron lives in Nassau County, he must have a card in order to use the computer.

A courtesy pass for one hour a day is provided for adult patrons who live outside Nassau County.  The patron must present identification when requesting the pass. Credit cards are not acceptable. A patron cannot use a library card and a courtesy pass in the same day. 

Children under 18 years old who are in seventh grade or higher can use the computer with their library card only, and with parental authorization (library permission slip).

Library cards are to be only used by the owner.  If for any reason the library card is used by a third party, the card will be confiscated and held for the owner to pick up.

The computer is to be used by one person, so as to guarantee a quiet place for working. Group work is not permitted under any circumstance at the computer area.

Any questions about software, computer settings, or the printer should be directed to the reference librarians. Other patrons are not to be disturbed by questions.

The use of cellular phones and the consumption of food and beverages are not allowed.

Computer and Internet access are services for research, school assignments, communication and other educational or entertainment issues. The use of inappropriate websites and disruptive noise coming from headphones or other devices is not permitted at the library.